WIND00116157 wrlinux qemu_32 BSP and release note wrlinux 2.0 in contradiction
WIND00122438 The Krb5 package must not make owner or group changes in its Makefiles
WIND00122577 Logrotate gives error when try to rotate file with year in file timestamp is less than 1996
WIND00145654 investigate thread and rtpoll testing failures for userspace package pulseaudio
WIND00156170 Feature Testing:Displaying "Illegal instruction" when executing 'test_atomic' to test the libatomic_ops on wrs_sbc8548
WIND00156240 Feature Testing:Some package's test directory have not been built out by default.
WIND00158531 cannot build initramfs in conjunction with
WIND00158883 fsl_mpc8349e_mitx updates: redundant kernel option and incorrect README
WIND00163953 Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1242
WIND00164936 Broadcom 91250 board instability.
WIND00165042 paxctl patching of grub fails
WIND00166080 kernel: arm errata fixes
WIND00169388 AsynBSP fsl_imx27ads: Audio--headset out(J19) and mic1-in(J17) do NOT work for aplay and arecord for uclibc_small : no engough memory
WIND00170367 Uprev kernel
WIND00170370 Uprev kernel
WIND00170372 Uprev kernel
WIND00171118 Spelling error in some BSPs README files
WIND00171688 kgdb for intel_mpcbl0040 - got softlock error messages after a long pause operation.
WIND00172127 upgraded iptables has missing patch or clean up
WIND00173352 Executing command 'at' will cause atd service daemon stop.
WIND00175126 kexec-tools does not get added to the package list by default.
WIND00175700 BSP README files for very slow FPGA mti malta boards should note special connection parameter values to enable performance profiler view
WIND00181283 Unresolved dependency for gnome-icon-theme when enable template:web_client
WIND00188199 update strace
WIND00188516 target hangs if resume "do_fork" when testing KGDBoE on sun_x4200-standard-glibc_std
WIND00188919 atomic_sub() and atomic_add() functions missing when building alsa-lib
WIND00189680 Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-3638
WIND00190299 Failed to bootup target wrs_sbc85x0 with PCI peripheral installed
WIND00194363 wpa_supplicant-0.5.10-5.fc8.src.rpm This supplicant does not send "Start" message 3 times if device is connected to authorized port.
WIND00195572 float error in kernel (fsl_8572ds)
WIND00196447 Side effect of WIND00195227 fix. Original defect is WIND00194227
WIND00196576 --enable-build=debug is not honored for several wrlinux packages with respect to gcc optimization flag -O0
WIND00200980 Kernel panic occurs when resume "putABreakPointHere" for intel_atom_z530-standard.
WIND00201320 Starting qemu failed with a loading error after rebuilding host-tools.
WIND00203690 rpc.mountd return wrong value when it try to export on device which has > 256 major ID (with QEMU target)
WIND00203836 Some toolchain build options out of sync.
WIND00204622 fsl_p2020ds: issue kernel bug if spin_lock debugging is enabled
WIND00204848 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-1083
WIND00206143 intel_atom_z530 BSP/kernel throws exceptions
WIND00207383 WR Linux 3.0.2 -- atftp-0.7 server is vulnerable to "Sorcerer's Apprentice Syndrome"
WIND00207850 Async IO functions (io_setup, io_submit...) on MIPS always return -1 on errors which don't match with the manual
WIND00210028 Not all packages clear install directory in installation phase
WIND00211611 racoon2 Rekeying with Dead Peer Detection fails.
WIND00213168 is a path is of exactly 100 chars in an archive, busybox tar truncates the last character (wrlx 3.0.2)
WIND00213418 Misleading "TODO" in the imported package generated Makefile
WIND00214140 nfsd4 && unionfs generate kernel BUG and oops locking up nfsd4
WIND00215199 curl does not support nss
WIND00215684 openhpi package not building on glibc_small and openhpi.x86_32 not building
WIND00217697 /sys folder missing in uclibc_small filesystem image
WIND00218125 Security Advisory - CUPS - CVE-2010-0540
WIND00218812 Security Advisory - openssl - CVE-2010-0742
WIND00220870 Feature Testing: command "safe_finger" doesn't work
WIND00221110 Security Advisory - libvirt - CVE-2010-2237
WIND00221112 Security Advisory - libvirt - CVE-2010-2239
WIND00221828 wrl 302 : ltp-full testsuite on fsl-p4080 : testsuite hangs on mq_receive test
WIND00222240 cgroups/cpuctl: Kernel crash when heavily loaded
WIND00222635 wrlinux-3.0.2: busybox udhcpc script (default.script) generates 'syntax error'
WIND00223986 Security Advisory - qt - CVE-2010-2621
WIND00224734 libxcb: X clients face slow transmission performance due to the Nagle algorithm.
WIND00225296 Security Advisory - GnuPG - CVE-2010-2547
WIND00227971 Configuring a glibc_small platform project with feature/small_xorg fails.
WIND00228114 Security Advisory - openssl - CVE-2010-2939
WIND00228258 WR Linux 3.0.2 need kernel patch to fix dropped SCTP packets after IPSEC rekey
WIND00228511 Security Advisory - qt - CVE-2009-4975
WIND00228513 Security Advisory - lvm - CVE-2010-2526
WIND00229328 Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2010-2942
WIND00229329 Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2010-2943
WIND00229813 Feature Testing: failed to transfer wrl30 project to wrl40 because "no package directory found for makedev"
WIND00229982 Fedora 13 WRLinux 4 configure fails to identify missing glibc-devel.i686
WIND00230068 --enable-bootimage configure parameter in "--help" shows up with "@" symbols in the name
WIND00230116 Security Advisory - FreeType - CVE-2010-3053
WIND00230121 Security Advisory - bzip2 - CVE-2010-0405
WIND00230486 Configure does not fail when feature/uclibc is selected along with rootfs/glibc_small
WIND00230512 PPC32 Xts5 test returns NoSymbol for string "Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis".
WIND00230573 Security Advisory - Quagga - CVE-2010-2948
WIND00230574 Security Advisory - Quagga - CVE-2010-2949
WIND00230624 Feature Testing: warning "group dbus does not exist" appeared in installing RPMS
WIND00230780 "Call Trace" appear in Boot process both standard && CGL kernel
WIND00230794 script sec.1.2/bsdjail, need update
WIND00230796 cut-user-case-v0.1.txt needs update the revoke unsupported archs.
WIND00230975 Feature Testing: perl-XML-Parser.compile error due to "cannot find -lexpat"
WIND00231005 script, sec.3.4, cdiag.2.4, avl.23.0 need update
WIND00231008 kernel panic occurs when running pmt.1.1 and smm.7.1
WIND00231011, needs update.
WIND00231506 The rebuild targets fail for 2 analysis packages, oprofile and valgrind
WIND00231601 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-2960
WIND00232098 Security Advisory - sudo - CVE-2010-2956
WIND00232100 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3078
WIND00232101 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3079
WIND00232151 WR Linux 3.0: /proc/cpuinfo contains incorrect CPU cores information on Fort sumter target(Core i5/i7)
WIND00232170 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3080
WIND00232301 Security Advisory - freetype - CVE-2010-3054
WIND00232308 Security Advisory - qemu - CVE-2010-2784
WIND00232377 Some float point functions broken on e500v1(wrs_sbc85x0) boards
WIND00232463 wrlinux-3.0.3 fails to boot on fsl_8548cds
WIND00232475 grub menu.lst causes finicky behaviour, cannot find kernel
WIND00232497 Security Advisory - samba - CVE-2010-3069
WIND00232780 --enable-prelink defaults don't match help information in configure.
WIND00232834 Security Advisory - libtiff - CVE-2010-3087
WIND00232885 TCP wrapper is not working for sshd, vsftpd, etc
WIND00233529 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3296
WIND00233868 zic fails with: too many transitions?!
WIND00233945 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3310
WIND00234225 can't rebuild project after running a make clean
WIND00234229 Windows displays erroneous error message when adding a sysroot on a Wondows Host
WIND00234376 Security Advisory - python - CVE-2010-3492
WIND00234377 Security Advisory - python - CVE-2010-3493
WIND00234494 test hangs at
WIND00234502 Security Advisory - freetype - CVE-2010-3311
WIND00234638 Security Advisory - nss - CVE-2010-3170
WIND00234644 Security Advisory - Pam - CVE-2010-3435
WIND00234670 bgpd is crushed when route-map command is executed.
WIND00234835 ipmi: load ipmi_si module which has no hardware support cause "Call trace"
WIND00234975 WRL_40_EAR2 : PAM build fails generating PAM documentation
WIND00235091 Memory leak in net-snmp-5.4 found by code inspection
WIND00235151 WR Linux 4: 'make boot-image-create ...' may fail unobviously
WIND00235253 automate fails to pass the correct parameters to pax when trying it as a replacement for gnu tar
WIND00235570 quagga/bgp : Can't set tag value with network command on vpnv4.
WIND00235659 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3442
WIND00235661 Security Advisory - FreeRADIUS - CVE-2010-3697
WIND00235662 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-3705
WIND00235667 Security Advisory - mysql - CVE-2010-3833
WIND00235668 Security Advisory - mysql - CVE-2010-3834
WIND00235669 Security Advisory - mysql - CVE-2010-3835
WIND00235670 Security Advisory - mysql - CVE-2010-3836
WIND00235675 Security Advisory - mysql - CVE-2010-3839
WIND00235676 Security Advisory - mysql - CVE-2010-3840
WIND00235812 Stepping or continuing on a THUMB2 instruction causes SIGSEGV
WIND00235969 WRL 4 EAR2 / RTO : sysroot does not contain xmlsec1 devel files
WIND00236036 KGDB doesn't connect when MSI enabled in kernel
WIND00236083 Security Advisory - PostgreSQL - CVE-2010-3433 CVE-2010-3781
WIND00236364 SRCDIR causes LDAT to fail when unpacking
WIND00236692 SVN metadata causing build problems
WIND00236718 "make print-pkgs-target" header line doesn't match data
WIND00236728 ftchart fails to read the late boot time log with "Unknown type" events
WIND00236813 multi-threaded application freezes due to an infinite lock on futex.
WIND00237139 [BSP: amcc_kilauea_405ex] KFTP failed on ptrace case, but the board did not hang.
WIND00237157 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-2938
WIND00237158 Security Advisory - apache - CVE-2010-1623
WIND00237285 vlan packets with VID 0 are sent to interface
WIND00237559 Security Advisory - freetype - CVE-2010-3814
WIND00237563 Security Advisory - freetype - CVE-2010-3855
WIND00237564 Security Advisory - pam - CVE-2010-3853
WIND00237674 WRL 4.0 GA : shadow-utils : dead link from vigr to vipw.
WIND00237797 Security Advisory - libxml - CVE-2010-4008
WIND00237848 wrlinux 4.0 GA : RPMs with wrong release strings. stringset with --with-package-release is not set for every RPM name
WIND00238264 wrlinux-4 and platform project: cannot replace FS /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group files with a layer
WIND00238354 Security Advisory - cups - CVE-2010-2941
WIND00238476 sctp_optname is different with application header and kernel header.
WIND00238547 --enable-bootimage is not considered when importing a platform project
WIND00238753 Fix request for the issue Serial: Do not read IIR in serial8250_start_tx when UART_BUG_TXEN.
WIND00239163 net extend markers and ipv6 markers will disable lttv show the trace datas in uclibc configurable targe
WIND00239635 Wrong dependecies with glibc_small filesystem and glibc_small_xorg
WIND00240006 Security Advisory - Ghostscript - CVE-2010-4054
WIND00240350 Core python modules still fail to build due to various host contamination scenarios
WIND00240392 Memory leak in net-snmp package.
WIND00240428 Security Advisory - openssl - CVE-2010-3864
WIND00240430 Security Advisory - fuse - CVE-2010-3879
WIND00240710 Can't build apps on Windows (Error: Unable to determine sysroot!)
WIND00240875 [4.0 ASYNC][BSP: mindspeed_c1000] performance profiler fail to collect data
WIND00241345 [LSB] sort utility in coreutils on ppc32 sometimes does not return correct result
WIND00241525 Some sysroot uses wrong path and causes link error
WIND00242274 Security Advisory - dhcp - CVE-2010-3611
WIND00242275 Security Advisory - Paste - CVE-2010-2477
WIND00242614 receive kernel panic when running usermode-agent
WIND00243141 Unable to connect Workbench to linux virtual board over MIPC on wrsbc8548
WIND00243345 [Bug Review]pkgconfig was missing when installing qt4-embedded
WIND00243473 cannot rebuild GDB resource code
WIND00243713 [ltp]]hugeshmget02 could not run n copies concurrently
WIND00244180 Doing kftp testcases(oprofile-test) on fsl_p4080, the target got soft lockup message.
WIND00244257 gcore script missing from gdb package
WIND00244379 Design issue in buffer size in gfar_change_mtu()
WIND00245437 Security Advisory - imagemagick - CVE-2010-4167
WIND00245608 m4.spec - _wr_rel macro instead of _ldat_rel (wrlinux 4.0)
WIND00245613 wrlinux 3.0.3 - make reconfig fails to find templates
WIND00245754 Feature Testing: we need to document the working scope of userspace-ltt feature
WIND00246106 'bluez-util' package fails to build in project with glibc_small filesystem
WIND00246623 adding package 'apache-ssl' failed
WIND00247045 hugeshmat01 isn't adapt to mips with 64bit ELF
WIND00247359 Security Advisory - OpenSSL - CVE-2010-4252
WIND00247360 Security Advisory - OpenSSH - CVE-2010-4478
WIND00247365 Security Advisory - krb5 - CVE-2010-1324
WIND00247368 Security Advisory - BIND - CVE-2010-3613
WIND00247369 Security Advisory - BIND - CVE-2010-3614
WIND00247372 Security Advisory - OpenSSL - CVE-2010-4180
WIND00247373 Security Advisory - IO::Socket::SSL - CVE-2010-4501
WIND00247821 wrl4.0, cannot build toolchain.
WIND00247937 Feature Testing: Some userpace packages are NOT named properly
WIND00248104 error in qt-devel /usr/include/QtCore/qconfig.h
WIND00248257 wrlinux 4.0 /etc/bashrc does not get installed in the final fs.
WIND00248344 [ltp]]testcase mem02 don't match to x86_64
WIND00248584 security enhancement request for iptables
WIND00249647 With RPM_INSTALL="" the package is still put into the target filesystem
WIND00250414 MIPS kernel panic, exception 24
WIND00250424 On Fedora 13 x86_64, the script claims packages (i686) as missing although their x86_64 counterparts are installed
WIND00250495 Feature Testing: [LSB] : Missing gdbm link of from pre-built x86_64 perl target package
WIND00250523 wrlinux 4.0 compiler error (Nonrepresentable section on output) - ARM
WIND00250652 gdb: can't parse function call stack
WIND00251595 umount jffs2 filesystem cause kernel Oops on cav_octeon_cn58xx
WIND00251912 KGDB over Ethernet connection on Intel Crown Bay can not work
WIND00252319 Security Advisory - IO::Socket::SSL - CVE-2010-4334
WIND00253639 hostdep tool fails to produce access logs for individual packages
WIND00253831 Qt demonstration documentation is not appearing on target
WIND00253843 cannot remove tun device on 4.0
WIND00253867 Incorrect license attributed to iozone package
WIND00253900 ntp build failure: ../scripts/mkver: Permission denied
WIND00254012 WR Linux 4.0: UBIFS: assertion warning messages when tar file is extracted on UBIFS volume
WIND00254763 Security Advisory - DHCP - CVE-2011-0413
WIND00254764 Security Advisory - libuser - CVE-2011-0002
WIND00254765 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2010-4243
WIND00254766 Security Advisory - libpng - CVE-2011-0408
WIND00254771 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2011-0521
WIND00254774 Security Advisory - pam - CVE-2010-4707
WIND00254775 Security Advisory - pam - CVE-2010-4708
WIND00254776 Security Advisory - pango - CVE-2011-0020
WIND00254779 Security Advisory - PostgreSQL - CVE-2010-4015
WIND00254780 Security Advisory - sudo - CVE-2011-0008
WIND00254781 Security Advisory - sudo - CVE-2011-0010
WIND00255416 Unaligned access causes a segmentation fault on mips64_xlr.
WIND00255794 Security Advisory - krb5 - CVE-2011-0282
WIND00255795 Security Advisory - krb5 - CVE-2011-0281
WIND00256034 Official patch request for WRLInux2.0.4
WIND00256049 malformed enable-ftrace.cfg
WIND00256399 Prelink fails with on PowerPC e500v2
WIND00257211 WR Linux 4.0: Permission denied error at building python package
WIND00257237 Performance Profiler is unexpectedly detached
WIND00257816 update of p4080 BSP fails to compile
WIND00258695 Security Advisory - BIND - CVE-2011-0414
WIND00258708 Security Advisory - nbd - CVE-2011-0530
WIND00258710 Security Advisory - shadow - CVE-2011-0721
WIND00261228 wrlinux tool chain create different assemble codes sometimes with O3 build parameter.
WIND00261289 kernel oops due to NULL pointer access in pty driver
WIND00261440 miss README for the fsl_p1020_p1011 on the WRLinux4.1 release DVD
WIND00261442 target_toolchain build fails sporadically
WIND00261881 kernel crash caused by usb gadget driver of wrlinux 4.0
WIND00262175 Security Advisory - vsftpd - CVE-2011-0762
WIND00262182 Security Advisory - pango - CVE-2011-0064
WIND00262183 Security Advisory - openssh - CVE-2010-4755
WIND00262184 Security Advisory - libvirt - CVE-2011-1146
WIND00262185 Security Advisory - Ruby - CVE-2011-1004
WIND00262186 Security Advisory - Ruby - CVE-2011-1005
WIND00262403 wrlinux / P2020DS : failing tests when running the BSP validation testsuite
WIND00262777 Feature Testing:There is not /var/log/kern.log if we using cgl kernel
WIND00263200 Grub can't boot FS with inode 256
WIND00263523 Wind River Linux not able to connect to VPX6-185 Mottsec0 on WR Linux GOS
WIND00264430 The version of required packages seems to be incorrect.
WIND00264752 [USERSPACE][mtd-utils] don't support 4G or larger NAND flash
WIND00265642 wrlinux-3 : talitos security engine and OCF driver issues --> cannot execute the ocf_bench
WIND00265950 wrlinux 4.0 - initscripts package, bug on halt script
WIND00266139 Security Advisory - logrotate - CVE-2011-1154
WIND00266141 Security Advisory - logrotate - CVE-2011-1155
WIND00266143 Security Advisory - logrotate - CVE-2011-1098
WIND00266146 Security Advisory - LibTIFF - CVE-2011-1167
WIND00266364 Security Advisory - openldap - CVE-2011-1025
WIND00266365 Security Advisory - openldap - CVE-2011-1024
WIND00266366 Security Advisory - openldap - CVE-2011-1081
WIND00266369 Security Advisory - ruby - CVE-2011-0188
WIND00266989 Security Advisory - DHCP - CVE-2011-0997
WIND00267465 qemu failure with ANT and tun/tap
WIND00267498 wrl 4.0 / P4080 / preempt_rt : huge time impact during kernel scheduling activity on Core #3
WIND00267745 write lint scripts verifying the Release substring of our packages rpm names
WIND00269239 Fail to build Nehalem 32-bit iso image using dvd lx27b_10fa
WIND00269520 Security Advisory - Perl - CVE-2011-1487
WIND00269525 Security Advisory - x11 - CVE-2011-0465
WIND00269526 Security Advisory - xmlsec - CVE-2011-1425
WIND00270820 ftchart index out of range error
WIND00270933 when running a lot of multi-threads programs on cav56xx linux smp system, system
WIND00271387 wrlinux 4 does not build if versionned with .svn
WIND00271407 python will not import bsddb
WIND00271447 pkg.addpkg should check conflicting dependencies with existing pkglist
WIND00271669 host-tool python do not honor PYTHONPATH
WIND00271775 failed to reboot fsl_p4080 target
WIND00272006 [BSP: NEW Freescale P1022_P1013] userspace: /etc/init.d/dhclient hangs
WIND00272224 [Multicore4.2] Multithread+fork trigger race problem with VTLB on board supermicro.
WIND00273628 Integrate fix for GCC Bug 42748 in WRL4.x
WIND00274708 [user space]kexec-tools can't support Cavium Octeon2(which is a 4.1 async BSP)
WIND00275713 [BSP: Freescale P4080.sdk2.2] REV1-sd: sd card can not work well after bootup
WIND00276423 KGDB issue with wrll_intel_eg20t_pch BSP - cannot insert/remove module repeatedly when KGDB RSE is connected
WIND00276506 i2c bus hang on OMAP L138
WIND00276616 wrl 4.1 : nfs-utils builds without libblkid.
WIND00277209 If UDP checksum error occurs, udpv6_recvmsg() always retry it
WIND00277513 qemu if-up script fails to create two or more simultaneous KVM guests with network TAP enabled
WIND00277617 bluetooth service discovery protocol fails to process continuation packets
WIND00277737 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2011-1745
WIND00277751 Security Advisory - Python - CVE-2011-1015
WIND00278246 [WRlinux 4.1 BSP Aync: Cavium Octeon II CN63xx ] The including simple-exec test case file system compile failed on the simple exec package.
WIND00278334 Failed to wrload vxWorks with wrlinux on IA board
WIND00279094 wrlinux 4.1 - mutex lock-up - very high CPU load
WIND00279292 wrl-4.1 omap3530 export-sysroot failure
WIND00279884 flex fails on target
WIND00279901 bison on target fails
WIND00279906 gcc on target thinks it is cross-compiling
WIND00280927 when running kprobe example module of wrlinux 4.1 on p2020rdb, kernel panic occur
WIND00281109 Target rpm can't build/create rpm files
WIND00281143 wrlinux 3.x/4.x cannot issue make export-layer in a kernel only build
WIND00281162 wrl 2.0.4 : logrotate crashes on startup with default parameters
WIND00281596 Security Advisory - Apache - CVE-2011-1752
WIND00281598 Security Advisory - BIND - CVE-2011-1910
WIND00281609 Security Advisory - Python - CVE-2011-1521
WIND00281975 Setting of MSG_TRUNC flag in udpv6_recvmsg(
WIND00282219 parallel make fs failed for intel_xeon_5520_ioh gos
WIND00282267 Not able to access the same ip address(URL) with Apache web server via http(port 80) and https(port443)
WIND00282599 SERIAL_8250_PCH and SERIAL_8250 drivers conflict in intel_atom_eg20t_pch BSP
WIND00283072 wrlinux 4.1 - driver module firmware - not included
WIND00283574 Security Advisory - qemu-kvm - CVE-2011-2212
WIND00283575 Security Advisory - OProfile - CVE-2011-2473
WIND00283576 Security Advisory - OProfile - CVE-2011-1760
WIND00283577 Security Advisory - OProfile - CVE-2011-2471
WIND00283578 Security Advisory - OProfile - CVE-2011-2472
WIND00283725 WRL4.2 "make all" failed with a certain configuration.
WIND00284335 X server cannot start by non-root users by default.
WIND00284519 Unable to clean/rebuild platform project that has hostapd feature
WIND00284700 Method described in qemu-kvm template to test a KVM guest results in kernel crash
WIND00284811 wrl-4.1/ fsl-p4080ds : timebase syncronisation over the cores is missing
WIND00286005 Oprofile fails to collect signal sample in powerpc on wrlinux3.0
WIND00286266 ti_sitara_am35xx README has wrong compatible mode for serial port
WIND00286270 Fix request for RMI XLR Erratum: 3.4.6 (Product Alert #10409.2)
WIND00286633 Not able to access the same ip address(URL) with Apache web server via http(port 80) and https(port443) without redirection
WIND00286693 Security Advisory - DBus - CVE-2011-2200
WIND00287035 Xerces package contains vulnerability that can cause application crash and lead to security threat
WIND00287098 WRL4 fails to export sysroot for x86_32 when using common_pc_64 BSP
WIND00287151 new 'fixed' pramfs doesn't allow writing data to a pramfs partition
WIND00288087 udevd fails when booting from a read-only filesystem
WIND00288307 Building a filesystem fails for cav_octeon_cn56xx for wrlinux 4.2 in std/std
WIND00288432 mesa-demos are not installed correctly
WIND00288562 wrlinux 4.0 - davinci mmc support for MMCSD1
WIND00288903 libvirtd crashes on x86-64 due to cast errors originating from zlib.h
WIND00288941 Cannot include some standard header files in C application with exported sysroot
WIND00288952 Two versions of /usr/bin/clear are installed
WIND00288980 pthread_cond_timedwait can not enter waiting state
WIND00289061 fs template unable to add files with colon in name
WIND00289213 Security Advisory - syslog-ng - CVE-2011-1951
WIND00289214 Security Advisory - BIND - CVE-2011-2464
WIND00289215 Security Advisory - libcurl - CVE-2011-2192
WIND00290294 "make usb-image" fails in WRLinux 4.2 if path is longer then 79 characters
WIND00290315 racoon2 fails to run for configure files and var files not properly installed
WIND00290846 oprofile can not work with "--event=" option in glibc_small rootfs
WIND00290968 [4.2 ASYNC][BSP:CNS34xx]NIC can not boot when uboot did not touch NIC.
WIND00291033 wrlinux 4.1 - zlib bug
WIND00291185 wrlinux-2.0.4: bugzilla 592956 issue in sysvinit not addressed and generates " pidof[13315]: can't get program name from /proc/13306/stat" error
WIND00291241 Security Advisory - libxml2 - CVE-2011-1944
WIND00291568 not able to build ntp package with microperl.
WIND00291616 Security Advisory - FreeType - CVE-2011-0226
WIND00291617 Security Advisory - libpng - CVE-2011-2690
WIND00291618 Security Advisory - Foomatic - CVE-2011-2964
WIND00291619 Security Advisory - libpng - CVE-2011-2691
WIND00291620 Security Advisory - libpng - CVE-2011-2692
WIND00291621 Security Advisory - libpng - CVE-2011-2501
WIND00291622 Security Advisory - libsndfile - CVE-2011-2696
WIND00291632 Security Advisory - samba - CVE-2011-2522
WIND00292435 cav_econa_cns34xx does not correctly behave when the size of mounted memory is greater than 256MB
WIND00292499 unionfs will occasionally trigger a kernel oops
WIND00292858 System time is just 1.8 times faster then actual time on mindspeed_c1k board.
WIND00292940 wrlinux logrotate LFS bug
WIND00294088 Security Advisory - DHCP - CVE-2011-2748 CVE-2011-2749
WIND00294091 Security Advisory - libvirt - CVE-2011-2511
WIND00294092 Security Advisory - Ruby - CVE-2011-2705
WIND00294280 wrl 4.2 : p4080 kernel (preempt_rt) : non return code can cause kernel crashes
WIND00294332 wrlinux-4.2: error building netperf package because of wrong package version
WIND00294635 wrl 4.2 : perf crashes on p4080 BSP (SDK 202 compatible)
WIND00295063 VLAN test failed on cav_econa_cns34xx
WIND00295083 Add PCIE bus support on mindspeed_c1000
WIND00295859 bash crashes due to failed read() operation
WIND00296218 Incorrect text in wrs_kernheader package makefile
WIND00298407 (more) mesa-demos are not installed correctly
WIND00299575 Ramdisk Not working in Wind River Linux 4.0 and Not able find any steps of Ramdisk in README
WIND00299581 Security Advisory - Apache - CVE-2011-3192
WIND00299594 Security Advisory - cups - CVE-2011-3170
WIND00299595 Security Advisory - cups - CVE-2011-2896
WIND00299599 Security Advisory - libsoup - CVE-2011-2524
WIND00299600 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2011-2213
WIND00299602 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2011-2497
WIND00299665 [4.2 ASYNC][BSP:CNS34xx]NIC block with heavy tx traffic
WIND00299902 there is file conflict error for net-snmp due to package dependency in wrlinux4.2, where wrlinux4.1 does not happen.
WIND00302670 Time on the target loses for 17 seconds every 30 minutes
WIND00302888 --with-package-release flag ignored by "make fs" with populated cache
WIND00302971 write to pramfs fails to write and remove
WIND00303061 WRLinux-4.2 nlm_xlr_atx_64_be BSP HugeTLB seems doesn't work
WIND00303107 Cavium BSPs no longer update the on-board 8-character display
WIND00303286 Security threat in Xerces, Removing the content handler from SAX2XMLReader mid-parse causes a null-pointer exception in some circumstances
WIND00304310 CGL kernel crashes when the serial ports are set to 9600 speed
WIND00304491 LDAT .quilt does not add all files for tracking changes
WIND00304516 exportPatches.tcl breaks if pkg_TYPE incorrectly set
WIND00306048 Transferred data via FTP is corrupted
WIND00306242 feature/disable_ustar_compatibility hits the issue it was designed to fix
WIND00306441 Building fs fails when syslog-ng is imported
WIND00306465 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2011-2723
WIND00306918 no perf results when tracing sys_enter for open,close,write on common_pc_64 glibc_std target
WIND00307643 wrlinux-4.2 / P2020DS : hung test when running the BSP validation testsuite : conformance/interfaces/pthread_cond_init/1-3.test:execution:HUNG
WIND00307846 SEC 3.0 functionality does NOT work with BSP fsl_mpc8572_ds in WRLinux-4.2
WIND00307967 wrl 4.2 : ldat : host tool libpseudo not compilable from read only installations
WIND00308569 wrlinux 4.1 - build failure
WIND00309600 File names of qt libraries are changed in Wind River Linux 4.2.
WIND00310118 Build fails when adding both feature/libwrsqthelper and feature/qt-embedded
WIND00312044 WR Linux 4.2: sysklogd 1.5.9: /etc/init.d/sysklogd referes in-existent file /etc/sysconfig/syslog
WIND00312304 Security Advisory - libxml2 - CVE-2010-4494
WIND00312520 Can not Import new packages when using Wind River Linux 4.1 on Suse Enterprise Linux 10 SP2
WIND00313193 wrlinux 4.2 - iscsi-initiator-utils S7iscsid
WIND00313971 Invalid rpath embedded in WRL target binaries
WIND00314260 xulrunner fails on powerpc
WIND00315375 wrlinux 4.2 - udhcpc never forks to background